Top tips for reducing your bus insurance quotes

Posted on May 16th, 2017 by by Marketing County

Your bus insurance is likely to be one of your biggest costs after the cost of your bus (and perhaps the bus drivers wages if you own the company!)

Whilst it is very important not to skimp on your level of cover, or provide false information that leads to your bus insurance becoming invalid in the event of a claim, there are a number of top tips that should help make sure you get cheap bus insurance quotes.

Top Tip number 1 – No claims bonus

If you have any bus insurance no claims bonus, make sure that you include this when providing your details for a bus insurance quote. This makes you a much better risk for the underwriter and can give you up to 60% discount from your bus insurance policy

Top tip number 2 – Drivers

If it is only yourself that will be driving the bus, it should be only you as a names driver on your bus insurance policy. This can reduce the cost by 10-20%. You can easily add any additional drivers or change it to an “Any Driver” bus insurance policy at a later date

Top tip number 3 – Voluntary Excess

Try and keep the voluntary excess as high as possible IF you want to keep the bus insurance premium lower. If you confident that you will drive carefully, this should be preferable to a low voluntary excess and higher premium. You can always reduce your excess as you accumulate no claims bonus

Top tip number 4 – Greencard use

Although its mostly coaches that need overseas private hire insurance, if you do need to have overseas bus insurance try and have this on an ad-hoc basis as and when you require it. Its only worth having an annual Greencard if you travel overseas on a regular basis.

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