Unusual Coach Passengers

Posted on April 3rd, 2014 by by Marketing County

Bus and Coach insurance

If you’re a coach or bus driver you would probably know by now that many people probably assume your profession is very dull. But what if here at County Insurance we could make them change their mind?

It has come to our attention that many famous people from not only this country but from around the world travel via coach or bus. It can be all types of profession and of course they would travel in style. So if you told your friends that you meet celebrities daily would they think it’s such a dull profession after all?

So what profession and people use coaches?

Nearly every football team in the country uses coaches to get to various locations. These locations include places such as airports if they need to travel abroad, to get to and from a opposition stadium or possibly a hotel depending on whether a team is staying overnight.   

Many other sport clubs like rugby and cricket will also do the same, epically at international level as they would have to travel to different venues over the world and with club level to travel around the country.

It’s not just sporting people that use coaches other professions like musicians and singers will use their own personal coaches to travel across the country or the airport to perform all across the world.  

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