Are you ready for 10th September 2013? Stark warning from The Senior Traffic Commissioner

Are you ready for 10th September 2013? Stark warning from The Senior Traffic Commissioner

 Senior Traffic Commissioner warning: Operators whose drivers have not completed their periodic training by September 10th 2013 will find themselves before a Traffic Commissioner, so warns the Senior Traffic Commissioner, Beverley Bell.

 Underlining her support for continuous professional development (CPD), she said “driver training is essentially about investing in your staff”.

 For those drivers who hold so-called “grandfather rights”, the deadline for completion of their Driver CPC is now fast-approaching, and the STC has gone on record as saying there will be no clemency.

 “Grandfather rights” or “Acquired rights” were given to all licence holders who attained their PCV licence before September 10th 2008; this means they are exempt from having to take and pass the initial DCPC qualification which is conducted by the DSA (Driving Standards Agency).

 Further, they were also given 5 years in which to complete their first set of 35 hours’ periodic training, after which a Driver Qualification Card (DQC) is issued.

 Since September 10th 2008, all new drivers have had to pass the initial DCPC to receive their DQC and be able to drive as a professional.

Drivers who do not have a DQC when they should have are classed as driving without a valid licence and the DSA has warned that both the driver and the operator will be fined £1000 if the driver is caught working professionally without a DQC.

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