Windscreen and Glass Cover for buses and coaches.

Posted on June 22nd, 2012 by by Marketing County

Windscreen and Glass Cover for buses/coaches.

 If your bus/coach insurance policy provides Comprehensive cover then you will undoubtedly have windscreen cover in force.

 This means that if the windscreen or a window or the glass sunroof of your vehicles is broken or damaged then your insurer will pay the reasonable cost of repairing or replacing it.

 However, any claims made will be subject to a policy excess, perhaps £250, and they will affect your no claims discount if you are not on a fleet policy.

 One way to avoid this happening, and then seeing a subsequent rise in your premium at renewal, is to take out a standalone glass policy.

 These are generally available at a cost of 10% of the cover required plus the government’s Insurance Premium Tax (IPT). For example, £1500 of glass cover would cost around £150 plus IPT, which comes to £159.

 Any claim made under this glass policy would not affect your no claims discount and you would have no excess to pay.

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